FDA advisory on sale of Cosmetics

2020-02-07 12:19:01

Republic of the Philippines

Department of Health FDA„,


Food and Drug Administration



THIS IS TO CERTIFY that based on the Center for Cosmetics Regulation and Research (CCRR) records, the following establishments referred by the Regulatory Enforcement Unit (REU) for the investigation conducted by Laban Konsyumer Inc., have the following details below:


Beauty Republic International Inc. Licensed with Licensed To Operate Number - 3000002964169 valid until 14 Jul 2020

London Sales Unlicensed

Please be informed that Kedma, Origani, Jericho and Black Pearl are not name of establishments but brand name under the establishment Beauty Republic International Inc.

Pursuant to Section 11, subsection (k) of R.A. No. 3720, as amended by R.A. 9711, The manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, Qffering for sale, distribution, transfer, or retail Q/ any drug, device or in-vitro diagnostic reagent; the manufacture, importation, exportation, tran,yfer or distribution of any food, cosmetic or household/urban hazardous substance; or the operation of a radiation or pest control establishment by any natural or.juridical person without the license to operate from the FDA required under this Act is prohibited. Hence, the aforementioned establishments are in direct violation of existing Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laws, rules, and regulations.

Furthermore, retailers or retail outlets for Cosmetics are currently not required to secure a License to Operate from the FDA provided that cosmetic prqducts being sold are notified or have a corresponding Certificate of Product Notification (CPN).

Lastly, you may refer to this website address/ link https://Bit.ly/2RAFuZk for the list of notified cosmetic products from the referred companies for your information.

This CERTIFICATION is being issued this 30th day of January 2020 upon the request of ATTY. EMILIO L. POLIG JR, Officer-in Charge, through the Regulatory Enforcement (REU), Field Regulatory Operations Office (FROO), for the ongoing enforcement activity and other legal purposes this may serve.

By Authority of the Director General


Director IV, Center for Cosmetics Regulation and Research



ID 9106072396

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